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Minutes from the 2019 AGM:

Storrington Cricket Club, AGM Minutes 13th November 2019. 
Steve Watkins   Mike Ballard  Martin Fisher    Malcolm Flitt Mark Haggart James Harrington   Colin Harrison Jude Houghton   Andrew Livermore Steven Livermore  Laurence Nash     Sarah Wroe  Steve Porter  


Chris Winter

Bill Norris

Ian Homewood

Previous Minutes – Agreed 
Chairman’s Report 
 1. Very successful season in all respects bar one. The senior team's relegation after 2 consecutive promotions was disappointing and perhaps was avoidable. However, in the context of losing a couple of key players from the previous season it was always going to be a difficult time. Going forward we need to aim for promotion next season. I would like to thank Ian Homewood for all his sterling efforts as team captain. 
2. On the financial front we have heard of successes across the board and the club finds itself in a sound position. We should be grateful to Carol Bryer who has been a brilliant treasurer for several years now. The marvellous fundraising ventures which have been so successful, the strong bar sales and other sources of income have all placed an increasing workload on the treasurer. 
3. The colts section continues to expand across the age range and we are grateful for all the time and work put in by the coaches, supporters and parents generally. Pulling it all together is of course fish who deserves continuing plaudits. We need to try to share his roles going forward so he can help focus on coaching predominantly the older children. 
4. The big success of course was the installation of the outdoor practise facility which looks great and will be a big plus for the club for many years to come. Credit goes to many of course but in particular Malcolm Flitt and Chris Winter who helped me with the numerous funding applications - successful and not.  
We will be holding an official opening in April 2020 which is intended to be a large event with multiple aspects - details to follow. 
5. Finally all the committee members and those who help in so many ways to make us a friendly, welcoming and vibrant club deserve a big thank you lets keep up the good work! 

Treasurers Report  
The Club thanked Carol Bryer for her substantial efforts over the last 5 years. As attached. Bar receipts are up substantially as were subscriptions. Match fees were down a bit, but this is reflected in the increased subscriptions. Barn Green fees included this year with a view to increase a bit for next season. With the net paid for the club is left with approx. £4k in the savings account and £1k in the current. An extra £1k was spent on the ground mainly because additional loam was bought as stocks had been depleted. 
Election of Officers 
The following were confirmed: 
President: Chris Winter continues.

Honorary Vice presidents: Vice Presidents as before to continue except for Di Norris who is standing down and Miss Waller who has died.

Chairman: Steve Watkins continues.

Vice Chairman: Martin Fisher continues.

Secretary: Steve Porter continues.

Treasurer: Jude Houghton newly elected.

Welfare officer: Malcolm Flitt newly elected.

1st XI Captain: Ian Homewood continues.  

Vice-Captain: Steven Livermore.

Colts manager: Martin Fisher continues.  

Colts rep: James Harrington continues.

Ground Representative: Colin Harrison newly elected 
Subscriptions & Match Fees 
2020 fees confirmed as: 
£50 sub & £5 match fee or no sub and a £10 match fee.

Sunday match fee £10 adult, £5 junior. Non-Playing Sub £15, £20 for a couple.

Cygnets £40 for one child and £50 for two (includes parents as social members). *All Stars and Dynamo subs are TBC in addition to ECB charge
Martin Fisher thanked the Chairman for his efforts this year especially overseeing the net installation.

Chris Winter is in favour of improving the fixture cards and is prepared to take on its production. However, it was agreed to stick with the current format.

The Seaford College head groundsman kindly viewed the square and considered it to be in an ok condition, but the outfield was poor. He was concerned that the grass roots weren’t as deep as they should be. A ‘pan’ exists say 4-5 inches below the surface that stops the roots penetrating further. General conversation re the square is that the bounce is becoming irregular. Andy Livermore voiced a serious concern over the future of the wicket and how it effects the future of the club. Players may not stay if the wicket is not performing. 
1st December winter nets start for the younger kids with the older ones starting on the 15th December. 
Next AGM 
2020 AGM TBC 

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